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  • D and ME Logging features a group of handmade wooden trucks relating to the logging and lumber industry.  D and ME Logging (4)
  • Large Trucks
    • Handmade classic wood city type toy trucks in this category include a handmade toy fire engine, a handmade wood toy dump truck, a handmade wood toy tow truck with a car and a wood toy car carrier that carries two cars.City Trucks (4)
    • Handmade classic wood construction toys in this category include a handmade toy bulldozer unit, a handmade wood toy dump truck, and a handmade wood toy crane truck.Construction Trucks (3)
    • The handmade classic wood toy truck in this "rural" category is a handmade toy farm tractor and farm wagon.Rural Trucks (1)
  • Smaller size trucks and carsSmall Trucks & Cars (3)
  • In this popular category, we offer two classic handmade toy trains. Every child should own at least one train and here you can choose between a small wood toy train and our over six foot long, seven car Jumbo Train.

    Trains (2)
  • Push/Pull Toys (2)
  • This category contains all of the classic handmade wood toy products that do not fit into any of our other categories. Other Wood Toys (1)
  • Our Games category has our popular handmade of aromatic cedar Tic Tac Toe Game with marbles insideGames
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