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Handmade Wood Toy Helicopter from D and ME Toys
Handmade Wood Toy Helicopter from D and ME Toys
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The toy Helicopter (our children called it the Hic-a-lopter) is made of a mixture of hardwoods, all oiled with a natural non-toxic oiled finish. There are two blades - top and side, both of which actually rotate. Be very careful not to spin them too fast or it might take off!

The D and ME Helicopter can be part of several stories - a life flight job, helicopter logging, or traffic watch.

This classic Helicopter is the perfect choice for anyone with aviation on their mind!

Be sure and choose your fininsh in our Option Box when you order.  The oiled finish is Watco oil - child safe.  By chosing "Natural" there will be no finish applied.  Click TOY FINISHES for more information on our finishes.

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